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A platform for ambition


A platform for ambition


About us

Student Women in Business, Consulting and Finance is an non-profit organisation supporting the career aspirations of young women from all backgrounds, regardless of previous experience, educational advantage or geographical location.

SWBCF is a unique platform for ambitious students to develop their career strategy, source valuable contacts, and deepen their understanding of the commercial world before entering it. Through powerful online training and merit-based mentorship schemes, we are building a robust foundation for the female leaders of tomorrow. 

Curious if SWBFC is for you? Check out the Program Pathway - that's where you'll find all the important information about our schemes and programs. 

“The biggest benefit has been having a mentor outside my direct links with the companies I have applied for. As a result, the conversations have been more open and honest, and I have received some really practical advice for my upcoming summer internship” Jasmine Yeo, Undergraduate student at the University of Warwick and Summer Analyst at Deutsche Bank. 


Program Pathway

Program Pathway

 The 5 stages of the SWBCF Program pathway, outlined in more detail below. 

The 5 stages of the SWBCF Program pathway, outlined in more detail below. 

Stage 1 | Partner Societies (SWBCF Chapters)

Prior to the launch of the online and real-world stages of the SWBCF program, we first open registration to our partner societies (known as SWBCF Chapters). If you are interested in joining one of our programs, but your university does not have an SWBCF Chapter, please drop an email to our Community Manager Nicola ( and we will seek to help you. 

Stage 2 | Online Career Booster

The SWBCF Career Booster Is a month-long program that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. We invite students from across the United Kingdom to participate online, giving each and every one the unique opportunity to:

Develop in-demand, transferable skills.

Discover what they like, and what they're good at.

Showcase their aptitude, not privilege.

Completion Rate for Career Booster Program (2016)

Our most recent online program saw an incredible completion rate of over 90%

Career Booster programs involve regular challenges, exploring a wide range of interesting and contemporary subjects; everything from the price of Oil to Donald Trump's popularity rating. Skills like Communication, Analytical ability and Interpersonal judgement are unearthed, then improved. 

Stage 3 | Skill Data

The Career Booster stage generates valuable insight on every participant's strengths and interests; from suitability to a certain subject area (e.g. Tech) to the specific skill (e.g. Communication). This unique source of information is very helpful for personal career decisions, and is available to every participant via an online dashboard. Importantly, this data also enables us to match each student with the most compatible Mentor. 

Note: your skill data will not be shared without your consent. 

Stage 4 | Mentor-Mentee matching

Next, we look at the Skill Data of those who took part in the Career Booster. Standout performers, improvers, and students who were particularly original or industrious are all assigned one of our star Senior Mentors. Typically, Mentors will meet with their Mentees over the following 6-12 months, offering help with career strategy, advice on applications, lessons from personal experience, and potentially contacts and other introductions. 

Stage 5 | Alumni become Junior Mentors

Perhaps the most important stage of the SWBCF Program takes place 12-18 months after the original participation in the online Career Booster – where we ask our most successful Mentees to become Mentors themselves. Junior Mentors form an open network for future SWBCF participants to reach out to; for application advice, interview preparation, introductions etc. They can also get more involved in the running of the organisation; helping with events, future programs and other projects. Alongside our Champions, our Senior Mentors, our Sponsors and the management team, Junior Mentors are a vital part of the SWBCF family, helping us to grow and flourish.  





A Common Goal

Our Mentors are outstanding individuals with a deep and varied knowledge of their respective industries. Each is fully behind the mission of maximising the number of successful young women in competitive jobs and sectors. Mentors serve as a resource to help our members develop a more complete perspective of the industry they intend to pursue and those they are yet to consider. The scheme also provides an informal environment for members to ask any questions they might have or run ideas by a trusted advisor. 

Our Mentors have a strong interest in developing your career through building confidence and skills - this is an invaluable opportunity to jump-start your career! Check out the Programme Pathway to learn more.

A few of our Mentors


Senior Mentors

Junior Mentors

Would you like to be a mentor?

SWBCF members who show particular promise will be assigned to mentors, with the goal of forming an informal, advisory-focused relationship. For example, a mentee might discuss with her mentor how to approach converting an internship into a full-time position, which roles she may be most suited to, which skills are most worth investing in, and other forms of career-related counsel. 

Mentors are expected, but are not limited, to attend at least one in-person session or event each year. Any questions from mentees that a mentor is unable to answer can be passed onto the SWBCF team.

The scheme is a great way for mentors to network with other socially motivated professionals, whilst also passing on the wisdom you have acquired, and nurturing the career of someone with similar aspirations.

If you are interested in being a mentor, please reach out to our liaison team at



Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor

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SWBCF Chapters 

A growing list of prestigious Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship societies from across the United Kingdom have incorporated as SWBCF chapters. Our chapters are working alongside us to achieve our mission of fairer hiring for women in the world's most competitive job roles. Click the logo's below for more information on each society: