A Common Goal

Our Mentors are outstanding individuals with a deep and varied knowledge of their respective industries. Each is fully behind the mission of maximising the number of successful young women in competitive jobs and sectors. Mentors serve as a resource to help our members develop a more complete perspective of the industry they intend to pursue and those they are yet to consider. The scheme also provides an informal environment for members§ to ask any questions they might have or run ideas by a trusted advisor. 

Our Mentors have a strong interest in developing your career through building confidence and skills - this is an invaluable opportunity to jump-start your career! 

A few of our Mentors


Senior Mentors

Junior Mentors

Would you like to be a mentor?

SWBCF members who show particular promise will be assigned to mentors, with the goal of forming an informal, advisory-focused relationship. For example, a mentee might discuss with her mentor how to approach converting an internship into a full-time position, which roles she may be most suited to, which skills are most worth investing in, and other forms of career-related counsel. 

Mentors are expected, but are not limited, to attend at least one in-person session or event each year. Any questions from mentees that a mentor is unable to answer can be passed onto the SWBCF team.

The scheme is a great way for mentors to network with other socially motivated professionals, whilst also passing on the wisdom you have acquired, and nurturing the career of someone with similar aspirations.

If you are interested in being a mentor, please reach out to our liaison team at joe@swbcf.com